Lemmon, Tucson, AZ Views early on from the Aspen Trail : The Aspen Trail is another great starting hike that connects with a number of other trails at the Marshall Gulch Saddle in the Catalina Mountains. The Mint Spring Trail leaves from this trailhead – to get to the start of the trail continue west (away from Summerhaven) from the parking area on a dirt road for a short distance (towards, but not onto, private property) – the trail leaves the road to the south (left, marked with a brown trail marker). The Aspen Trail has been rerouted since the USGS Mt. These are the ONLY trails that are open. Easy access. This takes you to the peak of Mt Lemmon where they have a chairlift and other building to provide for an easy landmark. Lemmon #100 … Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Marshall Gulch Loop and Aspen trail give you a nice and mostly easy hike, mainly in the shade of trees with several stream crossings which are easy to do when there is not too much water. Some trails which are currently closed are Mount Lemmon Trail #5, Marshall Gulch trail #3, Aspen Trail #4 and others. Length 9.7 miElevation gain 2368 ftRoute type Loop Hiking Nature trips Walking Bird watching running Views Wildlife Lemmon - 44. Mt. Pretty views off Aspen and the cairns know the way...saved us a couple times! As a result, photographing the fall colors will be limitedto Summerhaven and Ski Valley. Lemmon on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2020. The terrain was quite a bit more varied than I expected, which was nice to see. 1.4 mi 2.3 km #10 Upper Aspen Trail #93. 23 Nov 2020. Trails connecting are Marshall Gulch #3, the continuation of the Aspen #93 up to the top of Mt. Distraction Limited – These photos contain Aspen Trail pictures from the 1970s – a fascinating look back at this area!! If you only have time for a short hike on Mt Lemmon, this is a great trail. From the dirt pullout, continue to ride up the paved road a few hundred yards, and you’ll see a parking lot on your left, with restrooms, etc. We went during the Big Horn Fire. A favorite of mine is to continue west along the top of the ridge towards the parking lot near the true top of Mount Lemmon towards the Meadow/Mount Lemmon Trail. This trail can also be accessed from Sabino … The Aspen Draw Trail #423 is a bit of an exception – the trail starts in Summerhaven on Turkey Run Road and by the time the road transitions to trail the forest surrounding you feels much like it would have decades ago. 2014 September Mint Spring, Wilderness of Rock, Aspen, Aspen Draw, 1409 Mint Spring Trail14999236918_674ac73cdb_b, 1409 Geranium on the Mint Spring Trail15182738321_d019a82a82_b, 1409 Rushing Water Near the Wilderness of Rock Trail15185752745_ea84296492_b, 1409 Lemmon Rock Lookout from the Aspen Trail14999172637_efc2f3d53d_b, 1409 Clouds from the Aspen Trail14998962019_e1b1a6c4de_b, 1409 Moon and Trees from the Aspen Trail15185713825_d0b3c6a639_b, 1404 Antennas on the Ridge from the Aspen Trail14122639765_929c891d44_b, 1404 Lemmon Rock Lookout14142703293_818b8224b2_b. Length 4.6 mi Elevation gain 1856 ft Route type Out & back. 1207 Trail Junction7630113084_25d927bf2c_b, 1207 Rain on the Marshall Gulch Trail7633847142_cc6065572c_b, 1207 Running in the Rain7633690708_37e7f8d428_b, 1207 Mist rising from Sabino Canyon7633694172_23d62dd00e_b, 1207 Aspen Trail in the Rain7633698590_fae665c42a_b, 1207 Looking down on the Sabino East Ridge and Brinkley Point7633701212_c3a6295823_b, 1207 Cathedral Rock, Mount Kimball and Table Mountain7633708040_6dbcfdea44_b. What a beautiful trail. Tom McElroy-Wild Survival Recommended for you Lemmon - 24. La Milagrosa and Agua Caliente Canyon Trail Loop, Incinerator Ridge Trail and Kellogg Trail, Map of All Trailheads, Google Maps Link and Trailhead Search, Redington Pass Backcountry Touring Staging Area. Suggested driving directions from the Speedway and Campbell intersection in Tucson to the Marshall Gulch Trailhead: Google Maps Directions from the Speedway and Campbell intersection in Tucson to Marshall Gulch Trailhead. The area near the Mint Spring Trail was heavily impacted by the Aspen Fire in 2003 – the large trees that once surrounded this trail are largely gone, but you will find interesting views, passageways thru the Aspens and short shaded sections under the remaining trees. Starting on Marshall Gulch Trail #3, hike up a gentle grade in deep shade next to a creek—even the hotter days are more comfortable here than on most other trails. We went counterclockwise and the last 2-3 miles was killer (steep). The trail eventually reaches the head of a stream course. Today you can't access the Mt Lemmon trailhead (where Aspen Draw starts) by car. Finally some good news coming off of the mountain. Lemmon is the loop beginning and ending at the Marshall Gulch Picnic Area at the end of Sabino Canyon Park Road, the narrow paved road that runs through the village of Summerhaven. Top of the Mountain. Lemmon remain closed after the Bighorn fire, leavingmany burn-scarred areas. 1207 Pleasing Fungus Beetle LarvaeWhen I originally posted this I made the comment that follows this - since then I have learned that these are Pleasing Fungus Beetle Larvae. Lemmon A wonderful, cool ride, and fun descent, but not incredibly long. Area Status: Open The loop formed by these two trails is one of the most heavily used upper elevation routes into the Pusch Ridge Wilderness. Turn right at the only junction, which is Turkey Run Road. The dogs got those freaky looking eye flies. Trail Run Project is built by runners like you. ... in Mt. Please see the park website for more information. These are the ONLY trails that are open. This hike is located in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona. Lemmon Hiking. Hiking Aspen #93 and Marshall Gulch on Mt. 40; Post Office. Half a mile from the saddle, elevation 8,140 feet, is the most advantageous place to initiate the climb. Intermediate. They're harmless to the dogs but they sure do look weird. Namely, Prison Camp, Bug Springs and the Bellota segment (east of the highway) of AZT . 3.9 miles, 9000′: Near a tower a sign marks what may technically be the end of the Aspen Trail [Waypoint apend] – but this is probably not where you want to stop! 6.5 mi 10.4 km #1 Romero Canyon Trail. Also, we didn't know there would be a fee to park, but it is $5 for day use. You can get to the ski lifts but not up the final mile or two which has ~600' elevation gain. Aspen Trail; Aspen Draw Trail; Lemmon Rock Trail; Meadow Trail; Marshall Gulch Trail; Mint Spring Trail; Red Ridge Trail; Sunset Trail; Close; City’s Edge Hikes. Wow! Lemmon. Under the #44 sign reads "This area has been impacted by overuse, please practice low impact back country ethics". Mount Lemmon Trail to Aspen Trail Loop is a 9.7 mile loop trail located near Tucson, Arizona that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. Continue to the NW on a worn path past several buildings. Lemmon. Clips from the Aspen Draw trail in August of 2013. Trails in Mt. This dog was one of a few visitors at the Inspiration Rock Picnic Area on Mt. Difficult. (note; this trail-head is not accessed from the Mt Lemmon Highway) This trail is used to access 7 Falls, as well as Sycamore Resrevoir #39 and East Fork Trail #24a. The last three were pretty tough in some spots but this was a fun and awesome hike. Lemmon trail, which is located at the top of the road (Observation Road) that goes right past Ski Valley. Soon after passing a junction with the Lemmon Rocks Lookout trail, the trail snakes across an outcrop of granite that marks the beginning of the Wilderness of Rocks. Little to no water until the 6 mile mark going west do bring that, and i wore hiking boots as it is pretty rocky but trail runners might be fine. Facebook; Twitter; WhatsApp; SMS; Email; Print; Save; Some areas along Catalina Highway on Mount Lemmon opened again Tuesday, Sept. 1, Forest Service … The trail climbs steeply thru the forest eventually taking you onto Radio Ridge – … Also, I believe it's less steep going clockwise. To the north it is 1.3 miles and 1000 feet of gain to the top of Radio Ridge. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Lemmon (October 8, 2020)  -- Images by kenne Most trails on Mt. -- kenne Water can be found in Marshall Gulch year-round. From incredibly blue water to snowy mountain tops and miles of desert, the Grand Canyon State has a diverse landscape for adventurers to explore. Josh Galemore / Arizona Daily Star . There is a gate right across the road. 3.5 miles of Aspen Trail #93 and 1 mile of Marshall Gulch Trail #3 are within the Pusch Ridge Wilderness. My favorite section of trail is below Radio Ridge – burned over a decade ago these slopes offer huge views of the Santa Catalina Mountains and beyond – a great excuse to pause on the climb up to the ridge…. As a result, photographing the fall colors will be limitedto Summerhaven and Ski Valley. Once you get out from Marshall's Gulch it really opens up and you can enjoy the view and spending time with the wonderful girl you're with even on the windiest day of the year. 0. Mount Lemmon Ski Valley (10300 E. Ski Run Rd. Almost half of this ride is a steep climb back up the Mt. In winter the road is still open to foot traffic and the trailhead is open. Aspen Trail and Marshall Gulch Loop Trail, Lemmon Lookout, Wilderness of Rocks, and Mount Lemmon Trail Loop [CLOSED], Meadow and Mount Lemmon Trail #5 Loop [CLOSED], Mint Spring Trail to Sabino Canyon via Wilderness of Rocks and West Fork Trail, Mount Lemmon, Hutch's Pool, Sabino Canyon Trail, Marble Peak via Oracle Ridge Trail [CLOSED], Aspen Draw, Aspen and Marshall Gulch Trail [CLOSED], Mint Spring, Marshall Gulch, Sabino Canyon Loop, Aspen Draw Trail via E Turkey Run Road [CLOSED], Mount Lemmon, Wilderness of Rocks, and Aspen Trails Loop. Tanque Verde, AZ 4 Show More Trails Photos of Mt. The ride up and back is spectacular, take turns driving up and down the mountain so you can sight see. The Mint Spring Trail leaves from this trailhead – to get to the start of the trail continue west (away from Summerhaven) from the parking area on a dirt road for a short distance (towards, but not onto, private property) – the trail leaves the road to the south (left, marked with a brown trail marker). Early Aspen Colors on Mt. Overall a very interesting and pretty trail. Lemmon quad was published in 1981. 8,200; Population. Some Trails opening on Mt. Enter your email to subscribe and receive notifications of new posts by email. You will hike Mint Springs trail for about 2 miles until you get to a junction with many options. Please see the park website for more information. Today we were determined to find Aspen Trail or stay until we got it right! Tanque Verde, AZ Difficult. Mount Lemmon Lookout Trail [CLOSED] is a 4.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Mount Lemmon, Arizona that features a great forest setting and is rated as difficult. Parking is at the trail-head off of Bear Canyon Rd. Get ready for a work out. Note that the road leading to this trailhead closes annually during winter. From the dirt pullout, continue to ride up the paved road a few hundred yards, and you’ll see a parking lot on your left, with restrooms, etc. Left on Wilmot and continue on Tanque Verde (4.3 miles). Tanque Verde, AZ Difficult. I opt to return on Marsh Gulch #3 which descends immediately. The first half mile people were wandering all over the place but after that i ran into only 7 people the entire 10 miles. Mount Lemmon, Wilderness of Rocks, and Aspen Trails Loop is a 9.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Tucson, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. Finally some good news coming off of the mountain. 2014/9/13 – Added several new pictures, updated several captions and rearranged. Probably not elusive to most people, but for some reason unbeknowst to us, we have failed to find this trail not once but twice. When you are on top of Mt Lemmon at over 8,000 ft, the desert is gone and you find yourself in the middle of aspen forrests and beautiful streams. Address: E Ski Run Rd, Mt Lemmon, Arizona. Lemmon classics as Red and Samaniego Ridges I was compelled to launch a reconnaissance to survey, for myself, the state of the mountains recovery. The Wilderness of Rocks Trail, FS #44, continues straight ahead (west). Watch for any thunderstorms since you're high in elevation. This moderate hike leads through an area of diverse habitats that include excellent examples of Canadian Zone riparian areas and ponderosa pine forests. The Coronado National Forest opened a select few trails, vistas, picnic and day-use areas at the beginning of the month. ... in Mt. Aspen Meadow Trailhead: If you’d like to tack on a bit more of a ride with some climbing, and a great detour to the Mt. Oro Valley, AZ 12 0.9 mi 1.4 km #2 Meadow Trail. OMG the bugs....for most of the trail!! Aspen Draw is singletrack for almost all of the return downhill but because it’s so short, this is a loop you will probably want to do twice. For an escape from the heat it was okay, but I wouldn't go back this time of year. Lemmon trail. Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness for 1 week --Eastern Woodlands - Duration: 34:07. Show Breakdown 3.4 from 5 … 1207 Coumbine along the Mint Spring TrailThe closed flowers remind me of a mythical animal - perhaps guarding the flowers... 1207 Sea of FernsFerns flourishing in an area scorched by the Aspen fire. The Aspen Trail and Marshall Gulch Loop Trail head is located high up on Mount Lemmon not too far from its Summit. Recent rains plus rail while hiking had some creeks following pretty well. Access. Labor Day 2012 ride atop Mount Lemmon on the Aspen Meadow (shown here) and the Aspen Draw trails. It would go from a grove of trees, to exposed areas with giant rocks, then a meadow with ferns, and back. Seven miles WITH the steep asphalt uphill should you choose to hit the pavement first. Purification of water is recommended prior to use. Oro Valley, AZ Difficult. Lemmon (October 8, 2020) -- Images by kenne Most trails on Mt. The Forest Service reopened a few recreation sites on the mountain on Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2020, following a weeks-long closure because of the Bighorn Fire. Ferns are plentiful on this trail. Aspen Draw Difficult. Thick smoke and watery eyes but a once in a lifetime chance for sure! May 7, 2015 near Catalina, AZ. One of the more popular summer hikes on Mt. Lemmon, Tucson Hike: This is a short 3.7 mile, gentle hike through the mountain forests. The trail is extremely easy to follow, and gradually gains elevation for the first mile. Punchin’ Doggies on Mt. It is more technical and the climb on the other side would be easier when you are tired. Catalina, AZ Intermediate.

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