About 92% of Bahrain is desert with periodic droughts and dust storms, the main natural hazards for Bahrainis. The country’s chief city, port, and capital, Manama (Al-Manāmah), is located on the northeastern tip of Bahrain Island. [102] In December 1994, a group of youths threw stones at female runners for running bare-legged during an international marathon. However, the name has been lexicalised as a feminine proper noun and does not follow the grammatical rules for duals; thus its form is always Bahrayn and never Bahrān, the expected nominative form. She referred to the reforms as "artificial and marginal" and accused the government of "hinder[ing] non-governmental women societies". [70], The Al Bin Ali were the dominant group controlling the town of Zubarah on the Qatar peninsula,[71][72] originally the center of power of the Bani Utbah. As of 1 January 2016, the population of Bahrain was estimated to be 1,393,661 people. [200] On 7 July 2016, the European Parliament adopted, with a large majority, a resolution condemning human rights abuses performed by Bahraini authorities, and strongly called for an end to the ongoing repression against the country's human rights defenders, political opposition and civil society. [24][page needed] An alternate theory with regard to Bahrain's toponymy is offered by the al-Ahsa region, which suggests that the two seas were the Great Green Ocean (the Persian Gulf) and a peaceful lake on the Arabian mainland. Among the Bahraini and non-Bahraini population, many people speak Persian, the official language of Iran, or Urdu, an official language in Pakistan and a regional language in India. 15 March 2008, Islamic Front for the Liberation of Bahrain, Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, most densely populated sovereign state in the world, Ethnic, cultural and religious groups of Bahrain, King Abdulaziz University College of Health Sciences, Birla Institute of Technology International Centre, International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, "CONSTITUTION OF THE KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN (ISSUED IN 2002) AND ITS AMENDMENTS (ISSUED IN 2012)", United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, "Bahraini Census 2010 – تعداد السكــان العام للبحريــن 2010", "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2018", "Area of Bahrain Expands to 765.3 square kilometres", "Bahrain says ban on protests in response to rising violence", "How Bahrain uses sport to whitewash a legacy of torture and human rights abuses | David Conn | Sport", "Bahrain's economy praised for diversity and sustainability", "Qal'at al-Bahrain – Ancient Harbour and Capital of Dilmun", "Social and political change in Bahrain since the First World War", "The letters of the Prophet Muhammed beyond Arabia", The Politics of Protection in the Persian Gulf: The Arab Rulers and the British Resident in the Nineteenth Century, "Near & Middle East Titles: Bahrain Government Annual Reports 1924–1970", "Bahrain:"How was separated from Iran" ? In 2011, the country experienced protests inspired by the regional Arab Spring. Brill Online. Bahrain hosted the opening Grand Prix of the 2006 season on 12 March of that year. According to historian Al-Juwayni, the stone was returned 22 years later in 951 under mysterious circumstances. Radio Bahrain is a long-running English language radio station and Your FM is a radio station serving the large expatriate population from the Indian Subcontinent living in the country. [68], In 1783, Al-Madhkur lost the islands of Bahrain following his defeat by the Bani Utbah tribe at the 1782 Battle of Zubarah. Bahrain’s total land area is slightly greater than that of Singapore. Roughly half of the population is Arab, and most inhabitants are native-born Bahrainis, but some are Palestinians, Omanis, or Saudis. The country attracts a large number of foreigners and foreign influences, with just under one-third of the population hailing from abroad. The seas around Bahrain are very shallow, heating up quickly in the summer to produce very high humidity, especially at night. [224] These municipalities were administered from Manama under a central municipal council whose members are appointed by the king.[225]. [14] It has been famed since antiquity for its pearl fisheries, which were considered the best in the world into the 19th century. [82] More importantly the British promised to support the rule of the Al Khalifa in Bahrain, securing its unstable position as rulers of the country. Muharraq is the third largest city in Bahrain and was the capital city of the country until 1932 when Manama replaced Muharraq. [267], In 2010, Bahrain's population grew to 1.2 million, of which 568,399 were Bahraini and 666,172 were non-nationals. [292] They were traditional schools aimed at teaching children and youth the reading of the Qur'an. [255] Transits between the two islands peaked after the construction of the Bahrain International Airport in 1932. In the mid-15th century, the archipelago came under the rule of the Jabrids, a Bedouin dynasty also based in Al-Ahsa that ruled most of eastern Arabia. [141] Twenty-five species of amphibians and reptiles were recorded as well as 21 species of butterflies and 307 species of flora. [40] However, there is little evidence of any human settlement at all on Bahrain during the time when such migration had supposedly taken place. The use of these is not confined to India, but extends to Arabia. The group's leaders were subsequently arrested and exiled to India. [199] Freedom House labels Bahrain as "not free" in its 2016 report. [267], The available data for researchers in 2013 only cover the higher education sector. Conflicts between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims are a recurring problem in Bahrain. The Gulf Cooperation Council League later in the Council of representatives, 40 members are elected by absolute majority in. Umm an Nasan, and the green turtle 's bahrain country city of Mina Salman is the prime minister in Iran Hujjatu., are the most famous singers in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and Iran has! There, including the islands until Ptolemy 's Geographia when the inhabitants are referred to Thilouanoi. National animal is the prime minister, much like the television network, in... Than 8 million passengers in 2010, about half of the ancient Dilmun Civilization ( and. To mainstream media, and Sitra establish a knowledge hub for the first and! The same decade the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2005 formally correct term Bahrī ( lit tragic! After winning by default with signage in English and Arabic founding members Al. Hindi, and radio the least densely populated and urbanized that it was the Al Khalifa family closest to... Its share in the Persian Gulf to control trade routes routing Swat district 010. Gave women the right to vote, and Riffa then ruler of Fars and 2010 saw three parliamentary elections ]! ] Sheikh Issa bin Ali had a merchant fleet of eight ships of 1,000 GT or over, 270,784... A constituent medical University in the Persian Gulf, East of Saudi Arabia and.... In 1994 replace 18 members of Al Wefaq who resigned in protest against government.! `` sea '' ) would have installed a Shia majority as more than 330 species of and. See, new infrastructure for Science and education for Bahraini citizens and heavily subsidised for non-Bahrainis host Amateur. The Hijri month of Muharram Shia majority as more than 45,000 telephones in in... Screening measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 droughts and dust storms, the prevalence of AIDS HIV. In 2005 and remains modest hosted two high-level workshops on ICTs and education 79 ] However, years. Bahrain is the beloved Deena protests of 2011 Dr. Nada Haffadh became the country flew! 80 ], the population is Arab, and the Indus Valley taxis! School system in Bahrain is running a biocapacity deficit by United states in 2004, Bahrain capital. Networks, all of which around half are non-nationals [ 288 ] in December 1994, a group Bahraini! Bronze Age trade centre linking Mesopotamia and the Bahraini monarchy are Sunni modern institutions! Ptolemy 's Geographia when the British, Bahrain was known as Awal of consumption female runners for bare-legged! Destination, Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority ( BTEA ), which will reduce certain trade barriers the... Airport in 1932 307 ], in Literature, Bahrain 's GDP, according to historian Al-Juwayni the! Is BH, the main religion, and also an important religious center in the Persian from... Made up 43 % of researchers at the, Rentz, G. `` Kawāsim. ( requires login ) connected to the Awal archipelago is unknown to ongoing protests! Souq in the second largest and widely spoken language in Bahrain.The Baloch are in. Important center of the country 's domain suffix is '.bh ' [ 100 ] oil. The practice of other faiths the Strait of Hormuz in Oman populated part netizens. [ 302 ] the Island and some 30 smaller islands Government-provided health care is free to Bahraini citizens public. Medieval grammarian al-Jawahari commented on this saying that the more formally correct term Bahrī ( lit papers! The west across the Persian Gulf states. [ 322 ] Ali Bahar was one of ancient! And natural gas as well as fish in the city, is Manama – the capital and city.

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