Zeon Zoysia is a fine-textured grass … Emerald Zoysia is a hybrid variety offering a dark emerald green color and a finer more wiry blade texture. When maintained at a low height, it may resemble a putting green. Zoysia is best planted in spring after all danger of ice passes … Zoysia grass (Zoysia spp.) Emerald Zoysia is a dark-green, low growth sod grass that can tolerate winters, summers and irregular watering. El Toro Zoysia is a newer variety that resembles Meyer Zoysia but with better cool weather retention and faster growing. Emerald Zoysia sod should be mowed every 10-14 days and the recommended mowing height is between .75 inches and 1.5 inches Another guess is that you may not have the same “Emerald” zoysia as your neighbor. Dethatch the lawn in June. originally hails from Asia, but today it is one of the most popular lawn grasses in North America. When properly maintained it forms a dense turf that is very effective in choking out weeds. Learn more about Emerald Zoysia grass at http://www.spring-green.com. Commonly referred to as the “Cadillac” of turf, Emerald is the ideal turf … Another technique for planting zoysiagrass is to plant 2-inch squares on 12 inch centers into an existing sunny tall fescue lawn that is struggling to survive. It shares the drought and shade resistance of the other varieties. Emerald Zoysia Emerald Zoysia is a fine bladed, extremely dense turf that is noted for its dark green color. Emerald Zoysia is a very fine textured grass. Lawn care for Zoysia grass For warm-season grasses, like Zoysia, the ideal occasions for standard month-by-month lawn maintenance are not the same as those for the cool-season lawn. Emerald zoysia is less hardy but more shade tolerant than Meyer Zoysia. Emerald Zoysia turf grass stays green longer into the fall than other types of zoysia grasses; It is recommended to install Emerald Zoysia when it is not in dormant stage, however it can be installed as dormant sod. Learn how to care for your Zoysia lawn. When all of the sod is down, roll it again to put the roots in close contact with the soil. When to Plant Zoysia Sod. Overall Care. Emerald Zoysia is the perfect Atlanta sod options if you enjoy taking care of your property and don't mind spending a little more time doing so. Emerald zoysia is a fine-textured hybrid zoysia that is one of the most attractive of the zoysia grasses. Follow Sod Solutions' homeowners maintenance guide for Zoysia grass and have a great looking yard all year. Emerald Zoysia is a cultivar of Zoysia grass with a thin bladed leaf that forms a very lush lawn. Turf expert Dr. Clint Waltz did a DNA test of 16 samples of “Emerald” zoysia, from homeowner lawns, commercial sites and turf farms. Lay the sod pieces tightly together, in a bricklayer pattern. If this is the case, your zoysia will go dormant in winter and will revive evenly in spring. It is well-suited for quality lawns where regular maintenance and care is provided. Click here to visit Sod Solutions … This grass has a fine, soft texture and can be left unmowed as it only grows to a height of 6–12 inches (15–30 cm). The best way to maintain zoysia in the winter is to keep up with its maintenance during the growing season so it goes into the winter with no problems. Are you a turf grass professional? Overall, zoysia grass is hardy, drought tolerant and fairly self-sufficient. It … To help zoysia go into the winter carefree, mow regularly at the proper height. Emerald is one of the slowest growing zoysia grasses making mowing every 7-10 days in the growing season one of its best attributes. It has a low growth habit which requires less mowing and stands up well to foot traffic. During COVID-19 Sod Solutions is Open and Shipping Products - Read More.