So far, this series has comprised of the Wiley Clapp CCO, the Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander and the Wiley Clapp Government Model. ... Wiley Clapp Government 1911. Inspired and built with legendary gun writer Wiley Clapp, this gun features a Series 70™ Firing System paired with a traditional carbon steel blued frame and slide. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. I've made a … But that said, I can't find a single place in Atlanta that has the CCO or WC Lightweight Commander to demo. Disassembled it, cleaned it, oiled it and took it out back to put a couple hundred rounds through it. The Colt Wiley Clapp CCO uses the pre-Series 80 fire control parts, meaning it has no firing pin safety, and none is needed. By R.K. Campbell | Contributing Editor When it comes to the great handguns of the United States the Colt Single Action Army stands head and shoulders above any other in … Though both seem great, I would rather send my hard-earned money Colt's way rather than to Dan Wesson for his CCO. Wiley Clapp’s voluminous practical experience is the basis of his opinions on guns, their use and what features they should have. Wiley Clapp Colt Lightweight Commander Range Reports. Mine was just delivered today. The Wiley Clapp SAA is a nice looking revolver, and he tall front sight of the Colt offers excellent accuracy potential. Colt Wiley Clapp Govt model Question ... No better or worse than any other production line Colt. So finally I recieved my Colt Wiley Clapp lw commander in 45 acp. The new Colt Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander I shot at Gunsite comes with Colt's excellent Series 70 firing system, and to keep things lightweight, as its name suggests, Colt has gone with an aluminum alloy frame with a black anodized finish and a blued carbon steel slide. SKU: O1911WC. First off, I'm considering a Wiley Clapp CCO for concealed carry purposes, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on it. The Wiley Clapps are not necessarily a "custom" pistol other than non-standard features. Since then I've had just over 1000 rds of ball, SWC jacketed match and some hollowpoints thought it without a malfunction. The Wiley Clapp Colt Commander .45 ACP doesn’t have a number of the features that are common on today’s combat pistol, as he does not believe that a true combat handgun needs such devices. This may be the single best improvement that Colt has made to the Government Model pistol in 95 years. Now, for 2016, Colt is adding another pistol to the Wiley Clapp line, this one an all-stainless steel version of the Commander pistol. Model: Government Model. What sets them apart is the checkering and high grip work done by Pete Single. Colt Wiley Clapp Government Been feeling the itch for another .45; this one came in from Colt just after the SHOT Show and scratched the itch perfectly. I've read in a couple of post's, that there is a lot of play between the frame and slide, thus earning the nick name "Wiley clack". UPC: 098289042538. The 1911 design, upon which the CCO is based, is one of the most mechanically safe pistol designs ever developed. It felt better than the national match and it still had a nm barrel. I ended up picking the Wiley clapp due to the nice wood grips and undercut under the trigger guard. Bought it on GB for $1375. Two Wilson 47d 8 rnd mags that run flawlessly in my lw Springfied Loaded 4 inch would not feed the the last round ( … In the running were a colt national match series 70, Springfield trip, and a colt Wiley clapp government.