We plant, grow, package and ship nursery direct all of own products from our North Florida facility. $95 $110. View all products. $80 $90. Nongporn Nursery is located in Pathumthani province near Bangkok, Thailand. $120 $130. Anthurium Dark Mama Hybrid. Philodendron Paraiso Verde. Aleyagarden nursery, plants and plant products, retail & wholesale  40 / 2 moo 2 Lo Yung, Takua Thung ... CALATHEA, DRACAENA, EPIPREMNUM, MONSTERA, PHILODENDRON. Sold out. On this page you can expand each image to see a larger view and a caption. Thailand ornamental tree. Compared to many other genus, philodendrons are very diverse. We have evolved into a various variety of Orchid mericlone plants including variety Dendrobium, Mokara, Vanda,Ascoceda, Cattleya, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis,Grammatophylum, Epidendrum and ornamental plants such as … 436, Delray Beach, FL 33445 info@morningdewtropical.com. !, the last one in the begining of cold December and every time they arrived very well! Call: +66 (0) 61775 5317 Hipone Thai Nursery in Thailand Specialized in Palm Trees, Ornamental Trees, Plants … We have been involved in Nursery business for the past 30 years Our Sales Team speak Thai, English and French #hiponethainursery They can even vary strikingly from juvenile to mature leaves. This site represents one of the largest collections of Philodendrons in North America all happily growing in our … They can be any form from tiny little rambing plants to enormous behemoths that race to the tops of the tree canopy. Sold out. $65 $80. Since 1997 we (Botanical Growers) have been providing our customers with first rate customer service. Hoya. 561-266-6571 FAX. Thailand ornameantal plants for landscape. Nursery thailand. The plants will be more or less like in the … Anthurium Waroqrueanum. 48/109 KC Garden Home 9, Nimit Mai 40, Sam Wa Tawan Ok, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok, Thailand 10510. Sold out. $15. We grow many kinds of plants such as Palms, Cycads, Anthuriums, Adenium, Bromeliads, Eurphobia and many other rare species. Global Suppliers philodendron Thailand philodendron. For more information, email us at lak_postsale@hotmail.com or support@thailandplant.com We named our website "nanaplants" which means in Thai "every kind of plants". Hibicus rosa-sisenis, Orthosiphon aristatus (Purple cat Whiskers), Asplenium nidus (Bird"s nest fern), … Aroid Market Epipremnum Aureum Snow Queen. Need Help? Philodendron Pink Princes. 1-800-360-6969 TOLL FREE. Growjungle_ Syngonium Towers! Philodendron. VERY LIMITED Hot Item. 561-266-0188. Alocasia. Thai Orchid Nursery hs been successful in exporting top quality orchid plants wordwide. TC garden we are exporter for cutted flower & pot plant from thailand.Please kindly to calling to 0869845844B.regardsChaya. The Plumeria tree. 601 N Congress Ave., Ste. I been buying 3 times each time 1 Monstera Thai Constellation and ive NEVER seen so beautiful and unique Thais! Philodendrons are found from the tropical Americas to the West Indies. The leaves of different philodendron … Syngonium. Anthurium. ... Product/Service:Ornamental Potted Plant,Tropical plant supplier,Rare plant,Plant nursery thailand,Variegated plant , Anthurium,Cordyline,Philodendron… Peperomia. M-F, 8:30am - 5:00pm Eastern We are experience and expert in plants & bulbs export from Thailand to worldwide for more than 12 years. He is a humble person and … You will be very sure that you will receive your plant confidently, and we will guarantee and insure the reach. Ficus, Bougainvillea Plumeria ... Heliconia psittacorum ' Andromeda' , Philodendron selloum ,Golden tempet etc.