A figurative bodily position adopted when working hard at some task, either physical or mental. Your browser does not support the audio element. You almost never mean: I need to lay down You almost always mean: I need to lie down Why: This is another case where people think (wrongly) that a particular word sounds more “educated.” Lay and lie are not interchangeable. Head down to Second Avenue. https://www.definitions.net/definition/heads+down. Stop being Mr. A fetus will go into head-down position between 20 and 39 weeks. laugh/shout/scream your head off. (Head down may well be literal, but bum up is figurative.) Those early examples all ignore the nations mentioned above and credit the term to the Turks. Hide that Smile" like us. Copyright © 2011 Robert Ross. Get instant definitions for any word that hits you anywhere on the web! Some speculate that it came from the Greeks, or the Chinese, or the Turks originally. Upside-Down Face Emoji Meaning. Si bien la mayor parte del tiempo este escarabajo de las dunas del desierto de Namib vive bajo tierra, en las mañanas de niebla trepa a la cresta de su duna y deja que la condensación se colecte en su cuerpo. 1. It's simply a colloquial way of saying that you're going somewhere. to head down to - Examples:. Dogs are an emotional being. → head → See Verb table To see their face light up, it brings me joy and I can see why it brings joy to others. When a dog keeps his head down means 3 things mostly. 18)  At some stage of the campaign, a group of us are going to head down to Palo Alto (California), and do a sit-in in the Facebook. ourplanet.com. when a person is so tired they just want to retire to their bed and get some much deserved sleep A place or location. like banging/hitting your head against a brick wall. 1: He is upset and wants you to know. "Down" in this context is as in "Down the road". • Instead of putting his head down and charging, Balshaw chipped and chased. How to use heads-up in a sentence. So you start off trying to be polite and nice, and people are like "Hey! head down meaning, definition, what is head down: if a share price, currency etc heads dow...: Learn more. Information and translations of heads down in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Meaning of head down, bum up. They have a really nice cabin in the woods. He put his head down. head down Find more words! Understand head down meaning and enrich your vocabulary Your dizziness may be accompanied by nausea or be so sudden or severe that you need to sit or lie down. fish rots from the head down. Look it up now! • I put my head down into my hands and absented myself mentally. b. It has the same meaning as "To keep a … A figurative bodily position adopted when working hard at some task, either physical or mental. 4)  If you're still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune. go on. "Head Down" is the sixth track on the Nine Inch Nails album The Slip. All rights reserved. It then stands head down, allowing the water to trickle towards its head and into its mouth. Meaning of heads down. head down. When you are working to ship a new product out the door, you better hope your team is in full “heads down” mode. (Head down may well be literal, but bum up is figurative.) Define head-down position. of Person Shrugging or the shruggie emoticon, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. to shake one’s head decir que no or negar con la cabeza. if (year < 1000) year+=1900 2. Passerby: Go to the next intersection and turn right. var dayarray=new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday") Concentrating, usually so heavily and for so long that everything outside the focus area is missed. when a person is so tired they just want to retire to their bed and get some much deserved sleep • He simply puts his head down and keeps on scoring goals - lots of them. 19)  If you arrive early enough, you'll have time to head down to the harbour's edge to' The Rocks' historic area. beat it, bolt, decamp, depart, duck, embark, escape, exit, flee, getaway, go, hightail, leave, march, move, part, run, scram, skedaddle, split, start, vamoose, walk. See also Literally means you have your head down permanently affixed to your computer screen . 8)  Why not head down to Skyline Drive? Head Down! "To head down" does not always refer to traveling south. stand/turn something on its head. Gestures are a form of nonverbal communication in which visible bodily actions are used to communicate important messages, either in place of speech or together and in parallel with spoken words. The song's accompanying artwork appears to represent a person committing suicide by firing a gun through the back of their mouth, a figure facing the left with their head bent down, or a glass being poured out to its right. head down, bum up (English) Noun head down, bum up. Synonyms and related words. By tilting the head to the side, the person is exposing to you a vulnerable part of their body- the neck. That basically means a person who works within one silo (i.e. 3) Call up a few friends and head down to the pub for a few hours. Hide that Smile" like us. Head Down! 14)  So basically I had to head down to Nashville in the midst of personal chaos and get to work. n. 1. a. • I put my head down and kept stroking. keep head down synonyms, keep head down pronunciation, keep head down translation, English dictionary definition of keep head down. … 9) My best way of getting the apple-picking, cider-smelling experience is to head down to the farmers market.Â. Head out definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Hard at work, head … Student 2: I have some family in California who I haven't seen for a while. Definition of Head Down in the Definitions.net dictionary. We were just realizing that there was a problem in our classroom, a lot of students had their heads down, we knew that the teachers would have their own laws in place to punish students [like] take their phones, we thought there has got to a better solution to this problem. head down From Longman Business Dictionary head down phrasal verb [ intransitive ] ( also be headed down ) FINANCE if a share price , currency etc heads down or is headed down, it falls in value Futures markets suggest oil prices may be headed down. It's different for everyone, but usually, the baby will go into the head-down position after the 20-week mark. heads down Term used to signify that you are really focused on your work, often used as an excuse to shoo away inquiring co-workers.

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