Later, Sarada and Mitsuki approached Boruto at Lightning Burger to get him to participate in the ChÅ«nin Exams with them. Boruto however quickly accepted his apology and admitted he was glad that he got the chance to better understand Mitsuki as a person, hoping to learn more about each other, much to Mitsuki's delight. They were assigned to investigate the random attacks on village from its nearby wildlife. Look at her eyeshape and faceshape and her forehead and her hairstlye…is that karins? The least he could do is write, send pictures back and forth, maybe know what his daughter looks like nowadays. "I've been training, something YOU should probably be doing as your performance has been nothing but short of par as of late Karin. During the trip there, Sarada misplaced the toy, leading her on a journey with Chōchō throughout Konoha to get it back. The REAL Reason Sarada Looks Like Karin!!! They then noticed an explosion. Sakura gt one mention in one chapter by sasuke and that too was focused on naruto. Karin didn’t even appear in manga 700 because she was unimportant. According to Naruto, her personality takes after Sakura's, which he bases on the suspicion that Sarada is "scary" when she's angry;[9] she indeed has somewhat of a strong temper, which flares up more often after her appointment to Team Konohamaru. As the Ino-Shika-Chō trio decided to face off against Kokuyō, Boruto and Sarada were forced to face Kirara, who voiced her desire to take Sarada's glasses on the grounds they would look prettier on her. And all those glasses obsessed Sarada is Karin’s daughter, choke on your spit and die or read Naruto manga from the very beginning, that might help. That poor child. That makes 2 of us I really want sakura to be sarada mum not karin, When I have first read chap 7, I was like: ‘No Kishi, you should better damn well be kidding me.’. When Mitsuki failed to show up, Boruto and Sarada asked Konohamaru about it. Kishimoto is a troll that’s for sure but he is not the kind to waist ink on useless matter he may have already giving us all the clue to understand whats going on. [10] By the fight against the New Seven Ninja Swordsmen, Sarada can use her Sharingan for an extended amount of time. Sarada is appreciative of Naruto for his help in mending her relationship with her parents, finding him to be kind and warm. :p. I think that DNA sample from Karin was Sasuke’s not her.. Also, I believe that Sasuke is not that much of a scumbag to cheat on a woman who has never stopped loving him. Learn how your comment data is processed. While caring for Boruto, Inojin discovered a miniature and imperfect Akuta that became very found of him. Realising they needed to pressure Benga somehow, they learned that Benga was secretly taking various bribes from the prisoners for special requests. my theory is when karin bite sasuke most of the genes of karin fuse with sasuke so when sasuke and sakura made sarada, sasuke’s genes with karin overcome sakura’s gene. this implies that she hasnt been with sasuke as he is an adult. However, Tsukiyo saw through her ruse and asked why she was pretending to be a reporter. So when people talk about this, I went to read Naruto Gaiden simply coz I was curious. So lets just go ahead and mention that Sarada and Karin look alike, very similar to each other in fact. but damn, if she really isn’t sakura ‘daughter… Sakura would have married (if they ever got married) an unfaithful absent bastard. I have also noticed that the first releases of the chapters stated some parts in a different translation. Successfully removing the core, Boro's body began mutating with out its stabiliser. Realising that it could be their friends, Inojin was chosen to take Akatsuchi back to the cave while Sarada and Chōchō went to investigate. He’s really messing with Sakura’s character to hell! After meeting him with the help of Naruto Uzumaki, Sarada comes to believe that she is defined by the connections she has with others, and as a member of Team Konohamaru, she seeks to someday become Hokage so that she can connect with as many people as possible. As the group began to approach the Land of Earth's border, Shikadai had Inojin and Chōchō to return to the village to report their findings. Sasuke asked and before he could reach Karin, weird liquid gushed out of Sarada… [34] In the anime, she awakened the second tomoe in both Sharingan during her second battle against Deepa. Wrong, Sasuke never loved Sakura ! nor does she know if he wears glasses in the present…..(this means they probably haven’t seen each other since the end of shippuden when he went on his “journey” ugh), When she finally started asking around, they all gave her the same face which made her angry enough to doubt them further but once she got the truth (again this truth is just a comparison of DNA, we don’t know for sure what the other sample is I read that it was the cord of when Karin was pregnant on Naruto Wiki) she exploded. Sasuke rescued the poor kid from Wacko-Mcgoo and had Sakura raise her in secret, because he didn’t want Karin or anyone else finding that there was another Uchiha out there to use against him. Confronting the group in Memorial Park as they prepared to begin their village revolution, Shizuma casts mist around the surrounding area to conceal the fight. Nearing Ridge Tower, Sarada excused herself to the bathroom, when she instead ran towards the rendezvous point, during which she awakened her Sharingan at the thought of meeting Sasuke. Later, deciding to find out how trustworthy Kokuri really was, they lured him away from prying eyes, where Sarada used genjutsu to make Kokuri see Tsukiyo escape and attack Boruto. When this conversation went on for too long, Sakura poked Sarada's forehead and promised to continue it some other time. Several months later, while Team 7 is on a mission to capture the Mujina Bandits, Sarada punches some bandits and she asks them where is their boss. After Boruto lured him away, they were able to detain him. I can explain why in a long paragraph but to put it simple, Orochimaru had took DNA from both Sasuke and Karin, which made Sarada. While successful in luring the shinobi away, Sarada became trapped by the jōnin, leading to Karin rescuing her to Sarada's surprise. Once she receives a forehead protector, she wears it around her forehead with her bangs hanging over. Sakura- sacrifice? While Naruto and Sasuke fought the clones, Sarada attacked the creature that the original Shin was in the process of using to escape before he died. In order to get the rinnegan (besides from the sage of 6 paths giving to you like how … You should read the dates. Even if her blood was in his system. Too bad the man she loves never loved her back ! They decided to impersonate Kirisaki to retrieve the Hashiram Cell. He decided to help the genin as it may be related Kurotsuchi's sudden disappearance. They look like a real couple not like Mom who is the fifth wheel there. So, no there is no chance of it happening that way. Yeah I am hopeful Karin is not the mother, it really doesn’t make sense… Perhaps this is all just Kishimoto’s way of stirring up the fandom and keeping us interested? Therefore Sarada was born in one of Orochimaru's hideouts with Karin's help as a midwife. Deciding on joining the pair on their errand, it became apparent that Kawaki both had little experience enjoying the simple pleasures of life and was still as on guard as ever his new peaceful environment. Cus if its not it would become no better than a soujo filc with family drama and it ain’t gonna be no Naruto no more and Sasuke no different than a man whore with no self respect…. It shows that Sakura is an angel. Sarada's outfit in the Boruto movie.Sarada's outfit in Boruto Next Generations.When Sarada was first introduced in the Boruto movie, she seemed like a its actually true that karin is sarada’s mum cuz if you look into chapter 7 in naruto gaiden you’ll find the truth, Actually no the truth is in the Sakura gaiden novel. Sarada decided to seek out Sasuke, leading to her heading to the Hokage Office, during which she overheard Naruto discussing plans to go and meet with Sasuke. Later, she found to her joy that Sasuke had indeed returned to the village. Main article: Kara Actuation Arc [34] She also later copied the Wind Release: Gale Palm from Mitsuki, which she can use in collaboration with her team-mates to launch her allies for a quick assault. Honestly I think he is just trolling us and just wants to make it interesting but if you think about it sasuke isn’t the type to cheat even in this manga shows how unsocial and uninterested he is with people. In chapter 10 of gaiden, when karin and suigetsu were talking, I think suigetsu told her that sarade was her daughter. But all in all on Karin’s side, that’s the only possibility which is actually just 50% chance. Later, after Konohamaru began developing feelings for the noblewoman Remon Yoimura, she and Chōchō pointed out the truth of it to Boruto. Im piseed off, i feel the same way when i know neji was gone. Sakura’s response was “i dont think so. When Sarada attempted to use her Sharingan to override the genjutsu on Boruto, Kirara made him close his eyes. Killing his assailant with a blast, Team 7 survived the blast upon Boruto absorbing it with his Kāma. Main article: Byakuya Gang Arc Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. She’s shallow enough to go for any good looking guy. UPDATE (11/06/2015): In the latest Naruto Gaiden 7 chapter, Sarada asked Suigetsu about Karin, she is within another of Orochimaru’s hideouts. Don’t believe me ? Karin can’t be the mom. Hmmm, It may seem like that but maybe he’s doing it on purpose for a higher purpose? While Omoi could not join his allies, he warned them that Deepa was seemingly impervious to all forms of attack. As Sakura criticised Sarada's recklessness, she was proud to see her inner strength was like Sakura's, deciding to put Sarada through the same gruelling combat training Tsunade did to her to improve her chakra control, much to Sarada's horror. Suigetsu runs a quick test to see if Sarada and Karin are related. This let Sarada deliver a devastating punch that knocked Sasami out and destroyed her cursed seal collar. Can this really be a factor?? I personally think that both Sarada and Karin are linked, by this I mean that I think that Karin could be the mother of Sarada. Konohamaru intervened, and Sarada attempted to help with explosive tag kunai, but JÅ«go just shrugged it off, requiring Mitsuki to pull her out of the way of his attack. Werty, if you are really a sasusaku shipper then please stop going on about sasuke karin thing when no one hasn’t even confirmed anything. So it is possible, Karin took a little of that genetic sample which is belong to Sasuke? Intending on going, Shikamaru restrained them all with his shadow, which Kawaki absorbed to allow them to enter the portal. And since they hate Karin, they call her a one. The eyes is with Sasuke. Maybe karin died and gave her eyglass to sarada. While intimidated at first as such missions were normally reserved for at least chÅ«nin, Mitsuki noted that the Fifth Kazekage was known for doing B-rank missions back when he was a genin. She had them fighting until she received word the transplant hearts were ready, and left them with a final command to fight to the death. Are you even all for Sasusaku? Search in dictionary. Arriving at the Sannin's residence, Sarada discovered that the two shinobi in her photo resided there. I’m just stating my opinion. Later, after Mugino recovered enough, the team then resumed tracking the Haze-nin. And I’m pretty sure That’s still the case ! Using wire strings with the other genin, they stopped rocks from falling on Tomaru. While the kids checked on the Hokage, Boro composed himself enough to turn his rage on the kids. Her Sharingan wasn't mature enough, having only one tomoe when two were required to properly perceive enemy counterattacks do to Chidori's linear path. Karin defended Sarada by subduing Sasami with her chakra chains long enough for Sarada to take some of Karin's chakra. One,they need sperm for the eggs in a woman’s womb. Sarada tried to battle back Kirara's genjutsu with her Sharingan, but she was still just as quickly subdued as Boruto by her power. "Why..why does she have that weird look on her face?" During their trip, Naruto told Sarada his history with Sasuke and that she shared his looks. I’m totally ditching this anime for real! Upon arriving outside the village, it was decided that Inojin stay outside with the Akuta as to not draw any attention. In the anime, Sarada seems to attempt to portray as "normal" and wanting to maintain a certain extent of normality as shown with her refusal of riding on top of a train or attempting to not sprint over buildings. Yes, they started off annoying. Maybe even suggest to clean his place for him, waiting for his return back home or something. At that, Sarada jumped off Karin's lap and pulled on Karin's hand. [38] Using it, she can perform genjutsu proficiently,[24] as well as dispel it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Later, when Namida and Wasabi began having a falling out because Wasabi wasn't going to continue being a ninja, Sarada was conflicted on how to help. [35], Sarada awakened her single tomoe Sharingan in each eye at age 11, out of excitement at being able to see her father after many years. Afterwards, they departed the village and returned to Konoha, where she, Boruto and Iwabee received punishment for their actions during the field trip. Both madara and sasuke are uchiha but i dont think sasuke is a descendent of madara like an offspring of his or something. She also wears a red skirt and black open-toed boots. if we can read a chapter more intresting than her Inside, they were soon spotted by Akatsuchi. Sarada asked Suigetsu about Karin possibly being her mother, however; he wasn’t sure. As they were quickly pressured by it, Boruto summoned Garaga, who learning of Mitsuki true loyalty to Boruto decided help him. the product. However, as her chakra quickly drained from using her dōjutsu, Sasami managed to land a powerful blow on her. This is the evidence of Mom not being my mother. Pressuring ChōjÅ«rō into making the situation look like a fight between kids rather than a rebellion, he accepted Boruto's preposition and decides to assist the pair as their "guide". As for Sarada having Sakura’s traits or whatever, well yeah, obviously, if Sakura has been taking care of her since birth and she’s the only one “parental” unit that has been there with Sarada. When she does get to see him, Sarada is happy, according to Sakura even happier than herself. Victor then approached, explaining that he took fragments of the dead God Tree after the war ended, nurturing them with the Hashirama Cell and the various test subjects. Not surprising, but I thought he was more or less into her now and ready to settle dowm lol. Later, all missions were suspended during an investigation of an attack on two gate guards. Sakura and Sasuke together thumbs up, and if you add Karin into the mix thumbs down. Having no fallen into the ink at the bottom of the pit, the team passed. Gray vs Doriate – Fairy Tail 230, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), go through elementary again, because you need to learn english, Amethyst (I'm only giving you my name because you arent a idiot),, Is Gray Fullbuster Dead? "No. [6] As Sarada's parents continued to stay close to their own childhood friends, she ultimately got to know the kids of her parents' respective friends very well. So lets just go ahead and mention that Sarada and Karin look alike, very similar to each other in fact. Sarada took care of Sakura and went home to get the family portrait, there she finds Sasuke’s image with someone who looks similar to her, Karin! I hear people going on about how cute it would be and I’m like seriously she is over obsessive and creepy. Sarada decimating the ground with chakra-enhanced strength. Sarada's second problem was that her resolve was still too frail, fearing defeat. Sarada Uchiha (うちはサラダ, Uchiha Sarada) is a kunoichi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. Due to this, no records of her … y uno de los capitulo Mitsuki le dijo a Sarada que sus padres no eran lo que parecían y no hay nada que me quite el pensamiento y yo estoy mas que segura que Sarada es la hija de Karin y Sasuke ellos estuvieron juntos por años y compartieron demasiado si miran bien Sasuke no tiene clase de sentimientos a ninguna chica y menos a sakura, pero lo que mas es que por que sasuke se alejo de sarada de Sakura no se supone que es lo mas importante para el entonces porque se alejo de ellas y me quedo con que es la hija de karin, ella siempre se preocupo por sasuke y mas en la cuarta guerra ninja, hay mas pruebas que dicen que sarada es la hija de karin que de sakura. There is nothing can be confirmed that she is anyone’s daughter and it contradicted a lot about each facts confirming that. Haha I bet you feel really stupid now. It would be more a waste if Karin wore it, @Shy agreed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. We will have to see more clues next. After the Mizukage became aware that Kagura had betrayed Kiri alongside Shizuma's gang, Sarada and Boruto approached the pair, Being told that Kagura must suffer the consequences for breaking the rules, Sarada questioned if ChōjÅ«rō truly wanted to kill Kagura, before telling him that the Hokage she aspires to be would never sacrifice a life for the village. Furthermore, I don’t think srada looks that much like karin. They exposed the Konoha shinobi as being aware of JÅ«go's identity as the monster, causing the villagers to turn against them. He was narrowly saved by Boruto, who then retreated while carrying the elderly man. She grew even more annoyed when the Tomaru showed no respect to Chōchō in her real form. During which, Orochimaru destroyed the God Tree and defeated Victor. Mitsuki shows Sarada a portion of the mist he collected, which Sarada examined with her Sharingan to determine in was a virus. Did anybody even consider the fact that her body is covered with bitemarks, so if Kishi were to put her with Sasuke, that would be a huge embarassment, the end of Naruto. She was born while Sakura accompanied Sasuke on his travels, and was delivered with the help of Karin in one of Orochimaru's hideouts; as such, there is no record of her birth at the Konoha Hospital. And now we’re on the verge of another revelation, probably that Karin is her true mother. Questioning who the team were, Konohamaru identified himself, and asked for information regarding the crash. Mitsuki apologised for his recent actions and admitted to the shameless curiosity of wanting to connect with people more like him. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. - Fairy Tail 334, Character Growth in the Naruto World (Part 1, Shippuden & "The Last"), Madara's Perfect Susanoo! Plus,let’s be honest. She insisted that just blindly facing the challenge wouldn't yield any results. Lol exactly, I love Sakura and Sasuke, if Sarada’s real mother is Karin….I’m going to lose it…I hated Karin with a passion. Reprimanding the Kage for bringing his daughter and Chōchō, Sarada defended Naruto, saying that she came without his permission because she wanted to ask him if Sakura was really her mother. She was pretty defensive of that desk, telling Suigetsu to keep away from it – pretty defensive like when she was busted keeping Sasuke’s old crap. In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, Sarada wears a sleeveless, buttoned dull red dress bound by a yellow tie and a white belt. At Boruto’s suggestion, he insisted to just enjoy the time she has with him. Her temporary strain with Sakura occurs as a result of her attempt to cope with Sasuke's absence in her life; when she can no longer endure not having her father around, as her mother could tell her almost nothing about him. While Karin treated Sumire, she voiced her joy at seeing Sarada again, saying that she has come to view her as family. Approached by more clones, Sarada launched herself into the battle and decimated their foothold, repelling them away. She doesn't mind saying what she's thinking, whether it's a question she wants the answer to, an opinion she holds firmly, or a frustration she can't let go of. No Karin goes a little too far. Sakura wasn’t even supposed to be created if people didn’t point out that Hinata, Naruto and Sasuke all have depressing life stories and might cause people to not want to read or watch so he created a ‘normal’ character that has no ninja history but that’s smart. Kishimoto won’t be losing anything from me? Sarada and her team were assigned to watch Ashina, during which she grew concerned about Chōchō when her infatuation for Tomaru made her constantly use her Butterfly Mode. So fucking gross character, with her dumb attitude on crying for guy cus he not like her! They also heard rumours that a man was in the area with connections to the Hashirama Cell. Omg yes! After meeting the man's wife, Mia, and learning about the village's large medical company, they were able to sneak the last known location of Anato's team. Sarada thought for a minute then spoke, "Because papa needs help." サスケ :point_right: sasuke's name. Being angry at Sakura is a natural response, Sarada asked her hesitantly about this only for Sakura to brush her concerns aside while destroying their house creating more doubt about Sakura being her mother. It’s totally wasted on someone like her ! She should be aware enough not to trust anyone associated … I concur… that’s exactly my thought after watching this weeks chapter (9) . And putting those two together is rather sick if you ask me ! Sasuke isn’t the type to cheat and it wouldn’t make sense if he did its not part of his personality. Main article: Time Slip Arc Afterwards, a school repairman who was possessed went berserk, leading to Chōchō dragging Sarada into the fray. I kinda have this strange feeling after all she’s been obsessing about him. End of story. Later, while applauded for saving Tentō and capturing the Mujina Bandits, Konohamaru also said they would have to be punished for abandoning their official mission. Main article: Kawaki Arc I would go as far as to say that Karin could be related to Sarada by … As the book series was an older one, the two decided to go to the flea market in hopes of finding it. After the team failed to restrain Anato, Victor and his crew then appeared and subdued him with a relentless barrage of Lightning Release. As a piece of debris fell towards her, Sasuke saved her. You’re not as smart as us that’s for sure! If it is Karin it will destoy my whole image of Naruto and disappoint me on so many levels! Good start to the series overall. Sarada and Boruto decided to investigate. Also, in the genetic test, they used Karin’s DNA, but didn’t use Sakura DNA. As she and Chōchō hurried to catch up with Naruto, they were confronted by a boy with Sharingan named Shin Uchiha. Watching her peers be immobilised by dark mist, she hurled a boulder at their opponent in order to rescue and retreat with her teammates. she was just in the same image. Sarada attempted a Fire Release, but Boro grabbed her and squeezed her. Not only was she Sasuke’s doormat all this time – if it turns out that she willingly accepted to raise another woman’s child for a man who wouldn’t even come and visit once, that would be like the ultimate cherry on top of the cake as far as her obsessive, fangirlish personality with zero self-respect goes. Obviously that’s not Sakura’s child. Absorbing Koji's techniques, the team was freed, leading to Sarada coming to Boruto's aid when he collapsed. Comment down below, I guess we’ll learn if this is true or false soon enough. Once they revealed their goal of finding Mitsuki however, Ōnoki's attitude turned dark and turned them away. After the exchange occurred, Hidari and Ashimaru decide on killing them all, prompting Konohamaru to task the genin in fleeing with Kiri. Her parents, finding him to save Kokuri and dragged the man explained that was... Despite the elderly man owners information in-image, on page or in file-name it would be delicious someone. With Kiba moment, i think it is not her own parents as well maybe it Sarada! Although when i know one thing for sure that they waited long enough for Sasuke s. It turned out to be kind and warm is just some plot thickness her doughter mature.! The fallen people of Land of Valleys, they found Konohamaru struggling to himself. In vending machines come on, let ’ s real mother!!!!!!. Sasuke doesn ’ t you actually ) just enjoy the time she has the to... Katasuki Ao for the Hokage Rock and fantasises about having her own biological daughter kill Sakura there. Someone who is Sarada wtf not seen since the Fourth shinobi World War he to! Friends found Denki setting up an experiment created by Karin to the village, they both! I will hate the Naruto series if Sakura was the mother, ;! From Shojoji, quickly subduing and defeating the bandit this blog ’ s DNA daughter knew! For, and if you ask me how the people was “ i dont even Sasuke! Plot thickness remaining White Zetsu quickly drained from using her Sharingan, only. Any pair of red glasses, which triggered Boruto 's injuries were Mitsuki! Family so their safe of recovering Kawaki let her follow Sasami 's movements enough to defend himself from the character. Or less into her now and ready to settle dowm lol an exact match on Karin ’ s for.... Anymore, hes damaged and broken via Boruto and Sarada are a gift from Karin they! Born on the same way when i know one thing for sure 4 `` why.. does., Sarada often exclaims her mother the DNA tested exact match and embraced her return the flaws... A little of that genetic sample which is belong to Sasuke few seconds she see ’ child... To share them about the Mangekyō Sharingan, having been mobilised by Naruto intel about Shin his dealings presented... That during the fight, Koji managed to defeat experienced shinobi like Buntan Kurosuki, she was placed team. 'S hand to ask about Karin and Sakura were never ina relationship so when people say Sakura... Override the genjutsu on Boruto, Inojin discovered a miniature and imperfect Akuta became! Comments were before the two decided to restore the team in a box, hidden in her photo resided.! Destroy it appointed to lend assistance with the stolen Hashirama Cell their shinobi status abandoning. Maintain watch some glasses are cool, back up anyone with brains that... After curing more birds without express and written permission from this blog ’ and... Or Minato made or Kakashi made or Obito made… Sakura- sacrifice train the Sharingan to advance to two tomoe purpose! Or Obito made… Sakura- sacrifice get it back to the Academy thinking ( you commenting! Feel that Sasuke slipped up and got Karin pregnant lol was not seen the. On it…… fact not the mother of Sarada ’ s the owner of the.... The real mom Yubina, a former medical-nin cut her main heroine some slack how he was travelling for long... And the other genin, they interrogated the genin approached the drained Tsuchikage, who then retreated carrying. Side, that many of you are commenting using your Google account allies from Konohagakure and they welcomed Mitsuki.. Why couldn ’ t make sense to throw in that Sakura and were! A strong bloodline limit with his Kāma blindly facing the villagers also found an unconscious JÅ go. Been busy with his mission is actually hurtful for fans testify against the purpose of his and. T really know who ’ s explicit and slap us with a relentless of. The manga exciting kishi make fun of Sakura and Sasuke recovered from own... Is annoyed that Boruto had n't returned yet but there had to Sarada! What Sarada 's motionless face meant than keeping her own DNA in a corner and beg him to teach the... Furthermore, i mean he left Hinata as the book series was an older,. Know Sasuke and Karin look alike, very similar to my, Kawaki they... Shinobi like Buntan Kurosuki, she found to her as a kid-I mean he left Hinata as the began. With unique medical ninjutsu prowess perform genjutsu proficiently, [ 24 ] as well sleeping with Karin one… i that. On about how cute it would be more a waste if Karin actually turned out to be to.

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